Visit our neighbouring Reserves...

If you fancy seeing some big five game while staying at Mbuluzi then you can visit Hlane Royal National Park with some big five game. A great place to see White Rhinoceros.

Alternatively you could take a drive or cycle around the scenic Mlawula Nature Reserve and visit Magadzavane lodge for a meal and swim with a view. The cycle to Magadzavane from Mbuluzi and back is about 42km with a great climb and then decent in the middle.

If you would like to experience some Swazi Culture you can visit the Shewula Nature Reserve and mountain camp. There is an option for a guided tour of the community and also a traditional Swazi style meal.

Interested in the sugarcane history of eSwatini…? Then take a trip to the Sugarcane Museum 3 km of the road to Mhlume.